Research Group of Prof. Dr. D. Peterseim
Institute for Numerical Simulation


Numerical homogenization refers to a class of numerical methods for PDEs with multiscale data aiming at the determination of macroscopic (effective) approximations that account for the complexity of the microstructure. The possible added value of computational homogenization when compared with classical analytical techniques is its applicability, reliability, and accuracy in the absence of strong (unrealistic) assumptions such as periodicity and scale separation. We are developing new methods with the aims of efficiency and reliability for representative classes of multiscale problems in the context of high-contrast, strong anisotropy and uncertainty.

Past events

Hausdorff Trimester Program, 3. January - 21. April 2017:
Multiscale Problems: Algorithms, Numerical Analysis and Computation

- Winter School on Numerical Analysis of Multiscale Problems, 9. January - 13. April 2017 (link)

- Workshop on Numerical Inverse and Stochastic Homogenization, 13. February - 17. February 2017 (link)

- Workshop on Non-local Material Models and Concurrent Multiscale Methods, 3. April - 7. April 2017 (link)

The 14th European Finite Element Fair, 20. May - 21. May 2016, Bonn:

Oberwolfach workshop on Computational Multiscale Methods, 22. June - 28. June 2014, Oberwolfach: